Relief Brings Belief -

Relief Brings Belief -

I'm on a health kick like no other ~ a steady diet of clear thinking. 

Just like the skincare we apply, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the places we go, and company we keep, the ideas and influences to which we give (let take) our attention should be an extension of our values +++  if they are not, let them go. 

A friend brought me back to a time and place I'd almost forgotten. It threw such a bright light on some 'junk' I've been accumulating.  

So, I've been clearing space. Letting go, letting go, letting go.... of static, blocks & bullshit ~ poof. Just saying the words 'let go' puts your tongue on a TCM pressure point behind your front teeth. Saying it with a slight smile - is an extra powerful anecdote! You will be able to appraise influences before you, absorb them and sink deeper and deeper into the smooth, calm, concentrated place of energetic strength.

A stressed, cluttered mind does not honor the amazing teachers, friends, family and lovers that have truly blessed my life and empower this extraordinary work that I share with a team that humble me daily with their care, beauty, intelligence, creativity and humor. 

I will continue to let go of what's not important and to create more space for these gifts to flourish.