Hi there! I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I LOVE your line. I have the charcoal cleanser, the seaweed toner and the #1 cream. My skin has been SOOOO much happier since using your gorgeous potions.

I'm curious, I noticed that you don't have a scrub of any sort. I used to be an avid exfoliator but have seen better results since I have stopped and just been using your line up. Coincidence or do you have a certain reason/philosophy for not having one?

Hoping to try one of your face oils next. Thank you creating some bottled magic for us!

Stephanie Perkinson

Hello! First off, I LOVE your products! Thank you so much for creating them! Second, I just bought a second jar of Golden Light Creme from my local Whole Foods, and I noticed that this jar was slightly different than the first I bought. It's called "Golden Light Night Creme" and the ingredients list seems shorter. Have you updated the formula? Thanks!!

Jes Maxfield

Loving my Shamanuti products! Will you guys be producing body care soon? Would love some active charcoal body cleansers!

Charmaine Chan

I am in love with my charcoal facewash!! I absolutely love your products and I will be ordering more!

Shae Thompson

Shamanuti, Golden Light Creme:  This is a brand based out of Massachusetts (here’s to shopping local!). Their website describes it as, “The most hydrating creme in the line, Golden Light is packed with delicious butters and has an exotic scent that will lull your senses as it nourishes your skin.”  This pick is a little easier on the wallet, and retails for $46.  Christine says, “I love trying fellow local brands and this one does not disappoint.  I use it at night when my skin is feeling very dry.  It is extremely moisturizing and sinks right in.  Find it  here

Splurge Skin Care