September Self Care

September Self Care

The older and more capable we become, the longer and more complicated our list of responsibilities can get. 

We are called upon to take care of many complex things simultaneously; homes, careers, marriages, children, family, friendships​ and if we're lucky our passions. 

Sometimes our family members are battling sickness like Cancer or depression and you feel helpless to provide comfort in their struggles. Sometimes our children are teething and having a sleep regression...

Sometimes the laundry has taken over the house, the dog needs to be groomed, you ran out of coffee filters, you had to miss your favorite yoga class 3 weeks in a row, and your gray roots are showing. 


stay strong Mommas. 


Each of these responsibilities is awesome and important. Together all of them can leave us overwhelmed and depleted 
Keeping our thoughts, bodies and environment healthy in a culture that is harried, abrupt, burnt out and exhausted is hard.  

Over this long weekend I encourage you to take a mental detox. 

Starting today, state a simple affirmation something small, something positive.


Greet the day, take a deep breath 

Say hello to your face in the mirror

Say THANK YOU for your breath, you body, your life around you


Take a little extra time tonight to wash the day off and prepare for bedtime with a beautifully cleansed face. 

Do this and see just how much it can change your point of view. 


Use your hands to splash warm water on your face 3 times. 

Take a washcloth and soak in warm water, drape over your face and allow the warmth to permeate into your skin.

Take off the washcloth and splash warm water on your face 3 times.

Take deep breaths as the water falls from your face.

Put some Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser in the palm of your hands and ​rub your hands together, then apply the cleanser to your face and massage with your palms, in small circles. Inhale the aromatherapy, and allow your thoughts to wander.

Use your finger tips to gently apply pressure along your forehead, down along the sides of your nose, close your left nostril and breathe in for 3 deep breaths. 

Alternate closing the right nostril and repeat for 3 deep breaths.

Splash warm water on your face three times, and breathe deeply each time to water falls from your face.

Finish by splashing cool water on your face, and gently pat dry.


​enjoy, and reclaim September self care!

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- Shamanuti

Emma Bartolini

Head of Sales and Education at Shamanuti.

Momma, wife,