Two Simples Way to Understand Your Products Better

Two Simples Way to Understand Your Products Better

Plants' ability to capture the​ ​molecular ​energ​of the sun and convert​ that light into glucose - pure green ​energy and growth - has been ​a lifelong ​fascination for me. Joining this early affection for plants and flowers within the beauty and wellness field has developed my understanding and ​only ​deepened ​my appreciation of all the many factors that influence ingredient integrity.  


​Two key factors that I want to remind all of you to pay attention to in your finished products are the USE BY: Date and STORE AT: Temperature. This is valuable information!  ​


Products are often labeled with a “Period after Opening” shelf life, indicated by a small symbol of an open container and a number on the label. This number is usually labeled in terms of months and tells the consumer how long a product will stay safe after it has been opened, although it says nothing about how long ago the product was actually made. As broad an umbrella as the shelf life symbol is, it is still very important to keep a close eye on this number because once a product has been opened, it can be introduced to air, moisture, and bacteria, thus limiting its life. 


Here at Shamanuti, we are moving to USE BY dates on ALL of our products to ​provide the most accurate appraisal of ​a products ​life span. With products maintained by natural preservatives, it is essential to keep them within the indicated shelf life.


Natural products, like ours, are much more susceptible to excessive temperatures. Products containing water and oils are also especially prone to bacteria growth as they provide the ideal conditions for bacteria to breed. In order to maximize the efficacy, multiple natural preservatives are often used in conjunction with each other to fight against potential bacterial and fungal growth. They are like guard dogs - protecting the products from harmful predators, such as microbes, ensuring the ​vitality​ of the product.

As a rule, natural skincare products should NOT exceed 80 degrees or the product preservation system may be compromised as well as potentially denaturing any active ingredients.  


Enjoy your products even more by getting to know them better!


​XO, Shamanuti