In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency

Take Care of Yourself First!

You have a responsibility to take your beauty and pleasure seriously.

Ask yourself what you're doing to find the tools to take care of yourself, to feed the things that bring you joy and cultivate an open heart. Everyone knows when she feels attractive and at her best and WE know that the positive flow of that feeling is something that can be practiced and perfected. Learn to regenerate whenever you need to by prioritizing beauty as the habit that enriches your spirit. We are introducing two beautiful flower essences to assist you in creating your own beauty mantras.

One, derived from hawthorn, is our Spray to Remember, the one to create an association with all things lovely, recaptured at will. 

And the other is our Spray to Forget, infused with mimosa, to assist in the letting go of all things toxic and stressful.

Tend to the heart.  Self-care is amazing medicine.