Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
Change is a constant and to embrace change is to realize its many benefits.
As much as we recommend a regular skin routine, we also know that the skin can
develop tolerances, as they are developed in all areas of life. Early spring is the
ideal time to give your skin a gentle shakeup by switching up a product or two... one idea is to try our beautiful new Creamy Oat Cleanser in place of our Activated Charcoal Cleanser a couple of mornings a week. Ancient Egyptians prized oats for their skin-calming effects and now we know the reasons why oatmeal is such an effective anti-inflammatory as well as moisturizer.
Among many nourishing properties, oatmeal contains saponins, which remove dirt and oil and proteins which naturally activate immune cells to promote healing. As we leave winter behind, we hope you will enjoy incorporating some enlivening experiences into your spring skin routine!