Looking for Winter Warmth

The sauna is always recommended for improving the complexion but holds special appeal in winter. We love gathering herbal bundles of branches and leaves...sage, mint, eucalyptus or licorice root work well to slough off dull skin, invigorating the lymph and encouraging circulation. Elderflower softens the skin. A  hair masque is especially effective in the sauna...maris limus mineral mud for coarse hair and phenomenally conditioning coconut creme masque for all hair types. For fine hair try angelica cucumber and edelweiss extracts or lemon balm tonic. To remove the masque either a cold plunge or a mild dilution of cider vinegar is excellent. Follow up your sauna experience with our cooling Chamomile & Cucumber Eye Gel, our Essential Serum to continue the complexion improvements and Head to Toe Spray Lotion, our botanical emulsion of Orange Blossom and Aloe to replenish externally, while replenishing internally with plenty of juice and h2o!