pH - What it is!

Although it's a term we are familiar with, few people can actually tell you that pH stands for 'power of Hydrogen' or 'potential of Hydrogen', both of which are accepted definitions for this measurement of hydrogen concentration. Better understood as our acid/alkyline balance, on a scale of 1-14 our internal ideal is generally a 7. Externally, though, we need to preserve our natural acidic mantle, which depending on the individual, measures anywhere from 4.5-5.5. The acid mantle is our skin's way of keeping out the bad stuff like bacteria and toxins and locking in the good stuff like hydration. Many factors can interfere with our skin's pH, including sun and sweat, but the easiest way to wreak havoc is by using a product that disrupts this balance. So much of what's available out there will strip the skin, weakening the natural barrier and creating vulnerability to a whole host of unhappy skin conditions. But ALL Shamanuti products are designed to do the job, whether it's to clean, tone, hydrate, exfoliate or refine, without disturbing the all-important pH balance, or by restoring it once it's been disrupted. Formulated to be simple, our skincare works to keep complications to a minimum by using the tools nature has provided for millennia to keep us clear and balanced. Simple skincare for complicated people!