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Method: Elements of Formulation

Part of our mission is to clear up confusion and skepticism about the efficacy and topical benefits of plant ingredients. Shamanuti harnesses the power of plants at the intersection of nature and aesthetics, science and creativity. The actions are simple and practical.

Understanding an Ingredient Deck Ingredients are listed in descending order from greatest to least quantity. Generally the common name and then Latin. Below is a lexicon of the various components of our formulations by function.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES Reduce the skin's vulnerability to destabilizing agents; they may coat and soothe inflamed tissues (in the case of emollients) or tighten and hydrate (in the case of astringents).

ASTRINGENTS, TONERS, FIRMING AGENTS Hydrate and tone by restraining the loss of fluids from tissues.

COLLAGEN ENHANCERS, VOLUMIZERS Regenerate skin cells and help slow down the aging process by stimulating the production of beneficial proteins, preventing water loss, invigorating the skin's blood circulation, replenishing the sub epidermis with natural lipids, and maintaining the natural homeostasis of the skin cells.

EMOLLIENTS and CONDITIONING PROTEINS Coat and soothe the skin with a satiny and smooth finish. They help loosen and relax tissues that are tight due to dryness.

EXFOLIANTS, NATURAL ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS, SKIN BRIGHTENERS Assist in the circulatory function of the skin. They slough away the top layer of dead epidermis cells, and leave the skin appearing smoother, fresher and less wrinkled.

ANTI-OXIDANTS, DETOXIFIERS, PH ADJUSTERS Serve to protect the skin cells from being damaged and slow down the aging process. They boost the skin's radiance, minimize age spots, sun spots, and fine lines by interrupting oxidation reactions and preventing the effects of oxygen radicals. They also prevent degradation of natural ingredients (proteins, sugars, lipids) in the cosmetic product.

ANTISEPTIC and ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS Prevent the growth of microbes and reduce infection-- thus assisting in the treatment of acne.

EMULSIFIERS and SURFACTANTS Disperse liquid into oil by working as a surface agent. Surfactants stabilize by virtue of reducing surface tension. They cleanse and build foam by acting at the surface between fat and water.

PRESERVATIVES Detoxify at the chemical level in the product and include antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial agents.

Shamanuti takes these various plant virtues into careful consideration throughout the growing, harvesting, calibration of formulation and final processing. We employ cold-pressed processing over chemical extractions, and don’t use natural identicals, adjuncts, fillers or extenders of any kind.

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