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Field Notes

September Self Care

September 02, 2016

The older and more capable we become, the longer and more complicated our list of responsibilities can get.  We are called upon to take care of many complex things simultaneously; homes, careers, marriages, children, family, friendships​ and if we're lucky our passions.  Sometimes our family members are battling sickness like Cancer or depression and you feel helpless to provide comfort in their struggles. Sometimes our children are teething and having a sleep regression... Sometimes the laundry has taken over the house, the dog needs to be groomed, you ran out of coffee filters, you had to miss your favorite yoga class 3 weeks in a row, and your gray roots are showing.    stay strong Mommas.    Each of these...

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Glowing Summer Skin - Inside and Out

June 02, 2016

Glowing summer skin is something we all love to embrace at this time of year, but true luminosity comes from more than just a makeup product we put on in the morning and remove at night. It comes from a healthy body and a calm mind, and here are just some suggestions that can help you create that beautiful radiance from the inside out. * Summer is the perfect time to add lightness and brightness to your diet. With the abundance of fresh produce available now is the time to ensure you are getting ample amounts of skin loving antioxidants from brightly colored fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers and apricots. *Pair these delicious fruits and vegetables...

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